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Agent HoneyComb

Agent RedRum

Agent Unlikely

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(former Sprockettes)

Thanks for all your heart, brains, love, and energy!

Agent Action

Agent Alter Ego

Agent Aurora

Agent Babe Alert

Agent Bling

Agent Bliss

Agent Bunny Gee

Agent Chaos

Agent Crash

Agent Crass

Agent Crush

Agent Coe Coe

Agent Dirt Bag

Agent Doll Face

Agent Feral

Agent Frescita

Agent Glitter

Agent Kitchen

Agent Lapis Pezuli

Agent Mel Rose

Agent Meow

Agent Minx

Agent Mischief

Agent Napalm

Agent Nikita

Agent Orange

Agent Pulse

Agent Rifraf

Agent Ruckus

Agent Riot

Agent Rummy Rose

Agent Sass

Agent Savage

Agent Scout

Agent Shabunky

Agent Spiritely

Agent Standard Deviation

Agent Sweet Pea

Agent Sweet Tooth

Agent Tamale

Agent Toast

Agent Trouble

Agent True

Agent Vortex

Agent Turbo Jam

Agent Vulvattack

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