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Agent Unlikely 


When I first heard about bike dancing I was ecstatic!  Bikes AND dancing...where do I sign up?!


It was October of 2011, and I lived in Madison, WI. Our local go-go dancing bicycle gang was called The Greasy Gears. I contacted them right away and started to learn how to dance with a bike. I picked the name Spunky Spokes, found my trusty steed Sparkly B*tch, and got busy!


As an enthusiastic new bike dancer, I learned about many similar bike performance groups all over the country. The closest being The Racketeers in Chicago, IL. We made fast friends, and even worked on a show together! The crazy part is that The Sprockettes’ 2009 tour inspired the foundation of both The Greasy Gears, and The Racketeers.


Fast forward a few years, and I am back in college working toward a career change. By some strange stroke of luck a job opening in Portland, OR is posted at my school. I applied, and got the job! What are the odds that I would end up in Portland, and get to dance with the Sprockettes?! Amazingly unlikely. Sparkly B*tch and I are so thrilled to be rocking the pink and black, it is truly our bike dance crush dream come true.


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