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Agent Standard Deviation


My favorite things in life: dancing with the Sprockettes, riding my bike, Thai food, traveling to different countries, my friends, squid and kittens, dressing up in random costumes, growing my own food, and dirty electro/ghettotech/other various forms of electronic music. 


Memorable Sprockette moment: Dancing for 7000 people in the summer of ‘07 at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. It was the first time we’d ever been to California and the first stop on our 2 week Badassocity Tour. That was probably one of our best performances ever! And by far the largest audience. 

What the Sprockettes mean to me…


Wow, what can I say! Before joining the Sprockettes I had never performed a day in my life (unless you consider my ballet recital when I was 5 years old). I have always loved to dance, ride my bike, and the colors hot pink and black, but I didn’t have a group of 10 other girls to share this passion with. Then one day I had the chance to meet up with the Sprockettes, a group of amazing, talented, tough girls. I feel like I found my ultimate expression of performance-based creativity and ingenuity. This is truly the most fun and inspiring thing I’ve ever been involved with. These girls are my life.


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