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Agent Aurora

"In astronomy, Auroras are naturally occurring light displays caused by the collision of solar winds and magnetic fields, creating a beautiful cosmic performance also referred to as the "dance of the spirits." In Roman mythology, Aurora was the goddess of dawn, announcing the sunrise and the birth of a new day. I find these definitions to be synonymous with my intentions, infusing this light within the community and bringin' the sunshine and fun where ever my bike takes me.

I fell in love with Portland over seven years ago and found that home is really where the heart is. After rediscovering the awesome benefits of bike riding, like exercise and adventure, and a supportive community of cyclists, I knew I was in the right place. The Sprockettes for me is a creative outlet and platform for communicating ideas and a special bond of rad lady power that is unmatched.


I like promoting an active lifestyle, riding bikes of all sizes, skateboarding, dancing, skipping, climbing trees, and trampoline jumping. 

Other mad skillz include, but are not limited to: printmaking, poetry, rappin', recycled fashion design, and learning more bike mechanics. 

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